The “About” section of most websites is intended to impress the surfer, usually related to some commercial purpose.  Such is not the case here.  This “About” has a familial slant; seeking to provide background data about the author and his family, especially his ancestors and his early life with them – the kind of data that the author would have loved to have had from his ancestors, BUT, if you are not related to Clan Lovett or aren’t in propinquity with same, you will likely find this “About” section as boring as watching grass grow.

About Lee G. Lovett

This truncated Resume reveals a career of doing entrepreneurial start-ups, mostly telecommunications-related, while practicing law as an obligatory sideline.

Career.  Among several co-founders of over 100 primarily telecommunications businesses (e.g., radio stations (1960’s); cable TV companies (1960’s-1970’s); cellular telephone systems (1980’s); a long distance telephone company; and an SMR wireless telco (1980-1990’s).  Most of the foregoing were sold to public companies, and all are believed to be still operating.    Since then, I’ve passively inaugurated start-ups of myriad stripes.  A good bit of the foregoing is detailed later in Career.

Avocations.  (1) Driven by curiosity, an insatiable reader,  ingesting a book or so a week from age 25 to date, struggling through ethics, logic, metaphysics, existentialism, the religious scriptures of most faiths, science-lay physics, poetry, and, by far the most of all, literature (with a preponderance of classics), literature being a sublime way to learn history, biography and human nature, while witnessing a great author’s ability to fathom, and really “see”, what I can’t — from sunsets to snowflakes to the emotions of unspoken words.  (2) Weights, aerobics (running, biking), skiing, fishing and coaching youth sports (especially baseball), chess in my early days, and, for decades, singing (from country-western yodeling and whistling to semi-serious pop)  – soloing in choirs and church, duets, trios, quartets, etc., in schools, charitable benefits, some live radio, even winning a few amateur shows) and singing wherever else possible while avoiding being stoned.  (3) Trying to help four sons and 13 grand kids, who call me “Pop”.  (4) At the suggestion of family, now publishing some of my clandestine writing.

Books.  On Amazon, see (1) How to Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking (2021), which is his magnum opus on stuttering;  (2) his earlier works on same:  Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions (2016, 2017, 2019);  (3) Happiness in Seven Steps; (2) The Watergate Rhymes; (3) Stuttering & Anxiety Self Cures (3rd Edition 2019 now available in English, French, Chinese and Hindi; (4) WORDS You Need to Know; published in 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively, all as E-books and hard copies (some with audible books) on Amazon. Two more books are expected within the next year.  Lee also wrote Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking, which is available only through Speech Anxiety Cures, Inc.’s website (  Lee earlier wrote three law books; see details in Profession below.  A sampling of Lee’s writing can be found under the heading “Observations” (his rubric for essays) on this site.

Profession; Education.  As a co-founder of several law firms in the 1960’s and 1970’s and still a member of the American Bar Association and the District of Columbia and Maryland Bar Associations, Lee’s law partners have variously included Frederick W. Ford (past Chairman of the FCC and past-President of the National Cable TV Association and Assistant Attorney General of the U.S.); Mark A. White (past General Counsel to the National Association of Securities Dealers); Ralph ‘Bullet” Pittman (ex-All American footballer at Baylor and House Majority Leader’s Sam Rayburn’s Legal Assistant for 15 years); Robert M. Booth (a past President of the Federal Communications’ Bar Association); and Thomas L. Siebert (past U.S. Ambassador to Sweden).   (Lee’s primary mentor through age 28, when he passed, was his father, Eliot C. Lovett, who, with several others, literally created the practice of electronic communications law in the 1920’s, and whose character and flawless prose became the exemplars to which Lee still aspires.) Along the way, Lee authored over 50 published legal articles and three books on communications law (“Interpreting the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission”, as published by Tab Books (a subsidiary of McGraw Hill, in 1960’s-70’s) but are no longer in print, and was an Editor of the Federal Communications Bar Association Law Journal in the 1970’s.   Education: George Washington U. Law School, LL.B. ’58; recipient of multiple American Jurisprudence Scholarship Awards; Principia College, BA, Political Science-English ’55; Landon Prep School XC51.

Listings. Have included: numerous Marquis’ “Who’s Who” Editions, including: “Who’s Who in the East (1968-72); “Who’s Who in the West” (1967-68); “Who’s Who in Finance and Industry” (16th Edition); “Who’s Who in American Law” (1st, 2nd Editions); one of 100 in the U.S. chosen to be included in the National Junior Chamber of Commerce’s “Outstanding Young Men of America (’69).  Martindale & Hubbell (a/v or highest rating for ability and ethics) in many editions while practicing law in the 1960’s and 1970’s, e.g. Martindale & Hubbell, 1985 Edition, Vol. II. p. 84.

Memberships. Include/have included: Broadcast Pioneers; Cable TV Pioneers; Congressional Country Club (Potomac, MD); Aspen Club, Maroon Creek Club, & Grand Champions Club (all Aspen, CO.); Coral Beach & Tennis Club (Bermuda); Mid-Ocean Club (Bermuda);  Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, (Bermuda); Royal Bermuda Yacht Club;  Sailfish Point Country Club (Stuart, FL.);  and numerous professional organizations.

Community Activities.  (i) Recipient of the “Outstanding Service to Youth Award”, District Association of Approved Youth Clubs (1964), serving over 300 boys’ clubs in Washington, D.C., of which then Attorney General Robert Kennedy was the Chairman.  (ii) Some 20 years of coaching youth baseball in two countries and a three-time recipient of the “Coach of Year” Award (RBBA, Boys Baseball Association in Montgomery County, Md.),  (iii) Past Chairman of D.C. Metro Boys’ Boxing Association (1971).  (iv) Past President of various civic groups, including: the Inter-Community Council of Citizens’ Associations (Montgomery County, Md.); the Montgomery Square Citizens’ Association; the Beverly Farms PTA; and the Bullis Prep School Fathers’ Club (co-founder); Mentor for YouthNet (Bermuda); and Life Trustee, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy.

Stuttering & Speech Anxiety Charity.  Lee stuttered in his youth through his twenties but defeated it after a long battle, which is the subject of his above-mentioned books, Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, 3rd Edition and his latest book, How to Stop Stuttering & Love Spekaing.  He also Skypes or Zooms with speech sufferers most days, no charge — doing over 6,000 such sessions from 2016-2021.  In May 2017, Lee invited other people who had stopped stuttering using his methods (PWSS) to form Speech Anxiety Anonymous (SAA,, a self-help organization which he alone funds, modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, where self-cured stutterers help PWS  (people who stutter) stop stuttering and overcome other speech anxieties.  At SAA, you can find 150+ “Success Stories” posted by those who stopped stuttering using Lee’s methods.  As Lee lacks the time and skill sets to make his anti-stuttering methods known worldwide, he licensed Speech Anxiety Cures Inc. or SAC ( to do this.  SAC has developed an extensive program to make Lee’s anti-stuttering methods even easier to apply.  SAC’s program includes a vast library of 1,500+ videos of Lee’s online coaching sessions of PWS, courses given by Lee, other services that make  Lee’s  methods easier to understand, and a team Speech Coaches (ex-stutterers who beat stuttering using Lee’s methods) to help stutterers and others with speech anxieties. For more details, click here.

FamilyLee (Lee) is married to Lynda Barnes Lovett (a gifted pianist, songwriter and singer), whom he characterizes as “the most humble, loving and talented soul whom I have ever known”, and he has four sons (Sons and LeeMark, Dean, Gil and Ken), and 13 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.