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November 15, 1988

Re: Lee G. Lovett

To Whom It May Concern:

The undersigned, who served with Plato Cacheris as co-counsel for Lee G. Lovett in his 1985 trial in Chicago, is extremely pleased to announce that Mr. Lovett’s conviction for “mail fraud” was “vacated” on May16, 1988, and that the government has now withdrawn its appeals, bringing the case to an end at long last.

In non-legal terms that means that Mr. Lovett’s conviction has been erased from all records as if no conviction had ever occurred.  Simply stated, the Court found that Mr. Lovett, who was acquitted of the primary charges, was convicted of something that was not a crime a first place.  As a result, we believe that Mr. Lovett is not entitled to have his professionali licenses restored.

Needless to say, we are grateful that Mr. Lovett has finally been totally vindicated.  We regret that it took three years to do it.


/s/  Larry S. Gondelman
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