Robert J. Ringer

              Known best, symbolically, by The Tortoise that embellished his books and newsletters, this author of three No. 1 N.Y. Times Bestsellers (Looking Out for Number One, Winning through Intimidation, and Restoring the American Dream) and numerous other books, Robert Ringer, released Action in 2005.  Once again, Robert demonstrates his mastery of lucid, interesting and humorous self-help prose.  Action offers a number of new slants, as well, and a host of new, entertaining anecdotes: no one sees life, or suffers while smiling, better than Ringer’s famous “Tortoise”, which he has self-deprecatingly used in all his books to depict himself in effigy.  Somehow, Ringer blends tragedy or pathos with humor in an endearing, educating and fulfilling manner, reminiscent of history’s most loved comic, Charlie Chaplin.

My favorite lines in this 250-pager are,

              “The more you talk about what you’re going to accomplish, the more you invite the bad wishes of those who want to see you fail, and the more people you have working against you…Learn what the magician knows, and it’s not magic anymore…It’s the height of amateurism to celebrate prematurely…Never confuse almost done with done…[which is] when the check has cleared the bank…”  That is, all information  should be given on a need to know basis.

              Despite his many highs and his books that sold to and inspired millions of fans, ror the first time, his prose reveal a tinge of regret at life, as age and hard knocks are wont to do to most, but his irrepressible Tortoise rises by the end, once again emboldened to “fight the good fight” as long as there is a breath in him — just as does his irrepressible procreator, Robert J. Ringer.  Determined, indefatigable tortoises always beat the swifter, more talented hares. (Robert does not lack for speed or talent, however.)  Happily, Robert, a long time friend, is back in the newsletter business, Online, with thousands of faithful devotees as subscribers and is again on the lecture circuit.  Bravo, Robert!

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