Mark Steyn
Regency Publishing, 2006

Mark Steyn’s political and societal commentaries have been published in leading newspapers and magazines around the world. His predilection is satire with a humorous twist, wherever possible, but it is his profound analysis of contemporary facts that arrests the reader and leads many to form new opinions on global issues. While his syntax is far from exemplary, the breezy style renders palatable the sometimes dark and torpid data that he unveils. In American Alone, he exposes the Islamic culture in a way that most of us have not contemplated. Hopefully, his observations and lamentations will lead to legal and social reforms to stem the Islamic tidal waves that threatens to engulf the Western World.

This is a book of data. Some pertinent facts follow: In 1970, developed nations were 30% and undeveloped 15%; by 2000, it was 20% each. The birth rate in the U.S. is 2.1, in all of Europe 1.2, and Muslims 3.5. The Muslims are simply out breeding all other religions. The Muslim religion is more than a religion; it is a government. As fertility dries up, so do societies. Muslims don’t read; few books are translated into Arabic; they are taught not to be curious. The world is being taken over, demographically, by a technologically impoverished and backward culture. America now “runs” and is no longer feared. There is no precedent in history for economic growth in the face of declining human capital. The numbers of aged are too vast for the young to support. The welfare systems worldwide are unsustainable. Social democracy [the welfare state] leads to societal indolence. “Europe will be semi-Islamic within a generation.” Russia is a vacumm wrapped in a nullity inside an abyss. (A paraphrase of Churchill). Russia will be cannibalized by Muslims and the Chinese. China will not be the superpower of the 21st Century, because its population will grow old before it gets rich. In France, many non-Muslim women now wear head scarves in self-defense. Only 17% of England’s Muslims believe that any Muslim was involved in 9/11. Ironically, most Muslims still believe that 9/11 was a great victory for Islam. He uses Shakespeare’s seven ages to define where the world demographics are. (pp.19-21). Of course, not all Muslims are jihadists, but there are enough to keep terrorism alive. Many non-violent Muslims condone terrorism and are willing to offer cover for terrorists. 50M Muslims now in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent in a few decades. Theme: “It’s all about demographics.” In Austria, Muslims now demand that female teachers, even if non-Muslim, wear head scarves in class. “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” (Pres. Gerald Ford) On the night of 9/11, in Northern England, Muslim youths stormed the streets in gangs singing the praises of Osama bin Laden and forced passersby’s, on foot or in cars at stop lights, to join them. “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.” The global spread of Islam is the biggest success story of our times:
* We don‘t attack religions.
* Islam is more than a religion; it is its government.
* Jihad lurks within Islam.
* Jihadists can hide “in plain sight”.
*Jihadist training centers exist around the world, in mosques, in private schools, in neighborhood community centers, and are highly dispersed, very decentralized and, yet, very efficient.
* Mohammed is the most popular boy’s name in much of the Western World today, and is the most common among terrorists.
* Islam is being spread in prison, and it has more appeal to thugs, as it permits theft, rape and murder “if it’s in the name of Allah”.
* The world has no strategy for dealing with Islamic ideology.
* Saudis, whom Pres. Bush calls “our friends”, still fund madrasses world wide
* Muslim placards in a demonstration in Toronto:
“We won’t stop the protests until the world obeys Islamic laws”
“We hate Canada.”
“May Allah crush the Jews.”

* On the first anniversary of the July 7, 2005 tube bombings in London, a survey of Muslims revealed that:
* 16% saw the attacks as wrong but the cause as right.
* 13% saw the bombers as “martyrs”.
* 16% support bombings of Western military targets worldwide.
* 7% support attacks on civilians.
* 16% would be “indifferent” if a family member were a jihadist bomber
* 2% would be “proud”.
* 20% of Muslims in London “felt sympathy for the tube bombers”
* There are 1M Muslims in London (10% of the population).
* Muslims now comprise 10% of France’s population
* A “moderate Muslim” is now defined as “a Muslim who wants to impose Islamic law worldwide but who won’t do terrorists acts to impose it.”
* Islamic law (the Koran) requires:
* The penalty for not converting to Islam is death.
* Stoning women to death for adultery.
* Stoning children to death for insulting their parents.
* Permitting polygamy
* Requiring gender-separated swimming pools and beaches
* Head scarves for women in public
* Face coverings for women
* Prohibit public kissing of women in any form
* Islam is not “a religion of peace”, as George Bush and others have said. It is dedicated to imposing its faith and its rules on everyone else, and many Muslims will be violent, or will acquiesce in violence, to achieve it. Why have so few Muslims spoken out against the acts of 9/11, the London tube bombings, and the beheading of innocent Westerners in Iraq?

* Contrary to the National Review’s headline, “Rubble can’t cause trouble,” rubble, indeed can and has caused trouble. The rubble of Bosnia radicalized a generation of European Muslims; the rubble of Afghanistan spawned Osama bin Laden and today’s terrorist training centers in the Middle East, and Iraq’s rubble throws kerosene on terrorists flames worldwide every day.

* The Muslim-world’s greatest problem is its intellectual deficiency. A Muslim world would not have discovered the Internet or most any other technological advance of the past 200 years.

* “The world is in the room with us,” Said Lincoln at his Second Inaugural. Dean Martin asked his audiences, “Who are all of these people in my room?”

* “The penalty for not converting to Islam is death. There is no disagreement about this…Those who join Islam cannot get out. This is the supreme law of God…Do not ask Muslims to pick some rules and disregard other rules. Muslims must embrace Islam in its totality.” Nazra Ouraishi, Kindergarten teacher, Lansing MI., as published in Lansing State Journal, July 5, 2006.

* Muslims do not assimilate into other societies; they absorb them into their own; they convert or kill the unconverted, as the Koran mandates.

* Muslim influence is already changing Western laws and policies:
* MA. Supreme Court ruled that the State prison system must “justify not supplying Muslim inmates with their special feast-day meats of camel and oxen.”
* In Britain, they’re rebuilding the bathrooms in the Queen’s prisons, because the toilets face Mecca, requiring Muslims to sit side-saddle, which is uncomfortable for them.
* The vast majority of Muslim terrorists in the Western World are on welfare; that is, the local government is funding their lives, while they plan to destroy Western culture.

Styne urges us to read the writing on the wall and plan accordingly. His basic points are difficult to refute.
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