Lee’s books have been written in the same spirit as his “Observations” or essays; that is, to pass along thoughts that he wished that he had possessed at an earlier age. His “Happiness” book was aimed directly at his grandchildren or anyone very young. His “Watergate Rhymes” book was an attempt to memorialize the humanness, pathos and contrasting humor of that tragic epoch in a satirically forgiving spirit; it was written in metered verse simply because Lee was then immersing himself in classic poetry (including the light-hearted witty lyricist, Ogden Nash). Lee’s “Stuttering” book simply attempts to share with stutterers what Lee did to free himself of Satan Stuttering, which came close to ending his then nascent career in the law and business. His “Words” book expresses his love of the English language, and aspires to display some of the wonderful words that he uncovered from reading a book or so a week most of his adult life, especially great literature, and attempts to gather especially intriguing words in “families” to make it easier to remember and use those words in daily communications, and also includes some “Facts” that Lee felt were embarrassing not to know, once again aimed primarily at the young. As of 2016, Lee was working on books on mind control and a novel directed at the pioneer eras of FM, cable TV and cellular telephone, in which he was once involved.

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