“Live always in the best company when you read.”
Sydney Smith, author (1771-1845)

Foreword: As noted elsewhere, this list reflects only those books not classified as Literature, Philosophy or Science (my areas of primary interest) and which were read or re-read within the past decade and which I deem exceptionally good or unusually bad (thus compelling a warning). As you will see, when I depart from literature, philosophy and science, I tend to read financial-related or autobiographical books.

Action – Ringer
Age of Turbulence – Greenspan
America Alone – Styne
America, The Next Chapter – Hagel
Angels and Ages (Lincoln & Darwin) – Gopnik
Anti-Aging Zone – Sears
Buffett Digest – Hagstrom
Buffett, Of Permanent Value – Kilpatrick
Buffett, Snowball – Schroeder
Gift to My Daughters – Rogers
Jesus Family Tomb – Jacobovici
JOBS – Jacobson
Last Tycoon, Lazard Freres – Cohan
Logic of [Economic] Life – Harford
Meltdown – Shelton
Mencken, Iconoclast – Lewis
New Barbarian, Information Age – Angel
Politics of Heroine – McCoy
Public Speaking – Carnegie
Savage Beauty, Millay – Milford
Seeing the Elephant – Marber
Sovereign Individual – Lorg Mogg
Story of the Oxford Dictionary – Winchester
Thank You for Arguing – Heinrichs
The Trial of Henry Kissenger – Hitchens
Three Cups of Tea – Mortenson
Tipping Point – Gladwell
Twelve Men – Dreiser
Unleashing the Idea Virus – Godin
How to Win Friends – Carnegie
Washington, A Life – Chernow

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