Cable TV Franchises

Although none of us ever thought to maintain a contemporaneous list of our cable TV franchise cases, which spanned nearly three decades, then partner-Ambassador Thomas Siebert compiled the following list from our records, which showed  99 such cases, 81 of which we won and 18 were lost.  All of the 81 became successful businesses and virtually all of these cable TV systems are known, or believed, to have been assimilated into public companies long, long ago.  The victories that he/we could remember (in the apparently random order, mostly by State, in which Tom listed them) were:

Jacksonville, FL;
Philadelphia, PA;
Baltimore County, MD;
Arlington, VA.;
Alexandria, VA.;
Trenton, N.J.;
part of New York City;
Huntsville, AL.;
Camp Pendleton, CA.;
Menlo Park, CA.;
Newport Beach, CA.;
Oceanside, CA.’
Santa Clara County, CA.’
Seal Beach, CA.’
Sunnyvale, CA.’
Pueblo, CO.;
Pueblo County, CO.;
Fox Lake, IL.;
GrantCounty, IN.;
Lake County, IN.;
Hopkinsville, KY.;
Annapolis, MD.;
Anne Arundel County, MD.;
Calvert County, MD.;
Presque Isle, ME.;
Gardendale, MI.;
Jackson County, MI.;
Port Huron, MI.;
Marysville, MI.;
PortGratiot, MI.;
Burtchville, MI.;
East Brunswick, N.J.;
Ewing Township, NJ.;
Hamilton Township, NJ.;
North Plainfield, NJ.;
Ocean, NJ.;
Union, NJ.;
Lacey, NJ.;
LittleEgg Harbor, NJ.;
Tuckerton, NJ.;
Plainfield, NJ.;
Vineland, NJ.;
La Grange,NY.;
Newburgh, NY.;
Oswego, NY.;
Poughkeepsie, NY.;
Henderson County,NC.;
Laurel Park, NC.;
Belpre, OH;
Chillicothe, OH;
Green County, OH;
Painesville, OH;
Xenia, OH;
Enid, OK;
Conewago Township, PA;
Penn Township, PA;
Aiken, SC;
Aiken County, SC;
FrederickCounty, VA;
Front Royal, VA;
Seattle, WA;
Logan, WV;
Man, WV;
Morgantown, WV;
Parkersburg, WV;
Wood County, WV.

(There were others that escaped Ambassador Siebert’s research, but, nonetheless, he made the point very well.)


Cellular Telephone Licenses


Ambassador Siebert also compiled a list of cellular telephone licenses obtained by 1985.  As with our cable TV systems, our cellular winners have long since been acquired by conglomerates.  Although the list was expanded considerably in the years that followed, he listed the following 34 licenses:  Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, MD.; Allentown,PA.; Harrisburg, PA; Northeast, PA; Dayton, OH; Greensboro, NC; Nashville-Davidson, TN; Norfolk, VA; Oklahoma City, OK; Providence-Warwick, RI; Rochester, NY; Sacramento, CA; San Antonio, TX; ALburquerque, NM; Austin, TX; Baton Rouge, LA; Canton, OH; Charlotte-Gastonia, NC; Chattanooga, TN; El Paso, TX; Fresno, CA; Greenville, NC; Johnson City, TN; Knoxville, TN; Long Beach, NJ; New Brunswick, NJ; Omaha, NE; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Springfield, MA; Tucson, AZ; Wichita, KS; Wilmington, DE; Youngstown-Warren, OH.  There were others that followed or that he missed, but the memory dims.  Testing it, I would add Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Benton Harbor, MI., Hickory, N.C., Columbia, MO, which come to mind off-hand.  It’s been too long to recall them all now, but you get the idea.