Nigel Calder

Einstein’s Universe (EU) makes a good companion to E=mc2; Brian Green’s The Elegant Universe, Bryson’s Short History of Almost Everything, Gould’s Wonderful Life, and Conway-Morris’ Crucible of Creation.  However, EU was published in 1979, 20 or so years before the others listed. As such, its data are not as current, and, worse, Calder is really a science-journalist and more a writer of science fiction books and TV scripts than he is of edifying books. Even worse, his EU is not well organized; it doesn’t unfold; he fails to begin with simple facts and help the reader understand their evolution into today’s perception of them. For example, his introduction of Einstein’s best known concept (E-mc2) is pathetic. Sadly, this reader cannot recommend this book.  If you’re interested in Einstein, by all means, read E=mc2, on which I posted book notes on this site.