The Game of Tongues (GOT) refers to the videos that Lee G. Lovett, aka Speech Whisperer, does live, online, when providing free coaching to speech anxiety sufferers worldwide.  He began providing his free coaching in 2016. In the spring of 2018, he began recording live and posting some of those coaching-video-sessions on ( and on his channel on YouTube (  Lee also posted some videos on the website of his speech charity, Speech Anxiety Anonymous (SAA) (  By early 2019, Lee had posted some 700 such videos, which had been viewed online over 25,000 times.  Lee charges nothing for his coaching sessions. Lee’s books may be found on Amazon (

While Lee provides all of his coaching for free, via the Game of Tongues, he may begin to accept donations and/or ads on those channels, to provide funding for his charity, SAA.

Lee Lovett; a/k/a “Speech Whisperer”, .who eliminated his own stuttering, has helped many others stop stuttering over the years. His Amazon book on stuttering has been widely acclaimed, and he co-founded Speech Anxiety Anonymous, to provide FREE help to PWS worldwide. He now spends as much as 100 hours monthly coaching PWS, much of it now live, on GOT and YouTube…


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What Is GoT? (the Game of Tongues)

OT attacks social anxiety and speech anxiety on a case-by-case basis, through live coaching by those who have stopped stuttering.. It’s interactive, too; so, you can Skype-chat your comments in real time.

Elimination of embarrassing speech anxiety incidents is being accomplished and in substantial numbers. It’s your turn to self-cure. See and read the Case Histories..

WHY YOU WILL LOVE Game of Tongues programs: YOU will be able to:

(1) watch live coaching sessions (30-40 hours weekly) and learn how you can stop stuttering and related speech anxieties.
(2) hear self-cured PWS explain their journey to fluency..
(3) interact by typing your comments to the host via Twitch-GOT chats,
(4) in some cases, if you wish, be patched into coaching-session live or you can be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS
(5) become acquainted with many new PWS and people who stopped stuttering (PWSS).
(6) become part of the world’s only Community devoted to Eliminating Speech Anxieties.
(7) receive free books and free Skype-coaching,
(8) watch many hours of videos of past broadcasts,
(9) learn how speech anxiety can be converted into a blessing.

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