The author’s son, Mark, when age 10, when asked, “What do you want from life,” replied quite simply, “Oh, I just want to be happy.”  This led to the question, “What will make you happy?”  The answer took years to unfold and resulted in this chapbook.

Happiness is the goal of human life; yet, many of us (if we be truthful to ourselves) are unhappy a significant part of the time, or we’re simply “numb” to happiness, a form of quiet armistice or acquiescence, drifting between happiness and sadness, back and forth, in a form of Happiness neutral zone – or worse.  In sum, we more or less accept our “blah-feelings” as “life”?  This is unnecessary.  There are surely many paths to happiness, and Happiness in Seven Steps outlines seven specific steps that work, period.  While none of us will likely every achieve happiness 100% of the time, we can gain control of it and possess it most of the time for the rest of our lives.  Anyone who masters these Seven Steps will gain control of his/her happiness for life.