Lee Lovett

The Watergate Rhymes offers an entertaining history lesson on the infamous Watergate Scandal that led to the resignation of then President Richard Nixon, and it does so in approximately 100 pages of metered, rhymed poetry, written in the satirical style of the late humorist, Ogden Nash.

The entire affair is viewed through the eyes of a dispassionate observer, enabling it to capture the mood and ethos of the era, now mellowed through the retrospective lens of 60 years.

The purpose of The Watergate Rhymes is not to further malign the Nixon Administration but to educate, reflect, entertain and, above all, to enable us to see the comic aspects of this tragedy satirically and, in so doing, to see the humor in human frailties in general — and in ourselves.

It will be published shortly as an Amazon E-Book and as an Amazon Audiobook.